Company Profile
Dedicate's mission is to be an independent distributor of electronic manufacturers' first choice to offer them superior quality products, providing fast / on-time delivery and ensuring all customers are supported with excellent customer service. To fulfill its mission, Dedicate on the one hand, embraces high standards of ethics, management and accountability; on the other hand, it establishes new supplier relationships for better leverage resources usage and improve its ability to effectively provide the greatest network of component availability for its customers. Dedicate aims to be a high-performing, well-respected and motivating partner to all electronic manufacturers.
Company History
Established in 2001, we are a quality focused industry leader in supplying hard to find, long lead-time, end-of-life (EOL) and obsolete electronic components. Our quality assurance department and in house lab have been recognized as one of the industry leaders for our counterfeit mitigation program. The inspection process that we follow for all product is based on current industry standards.

Having worked in the independent electronic component industry for years, Mr.Zhuang realized many independent distributors cared more for the bottom line than the quality of the component or satisfaction of the customer. So in 2000, Mr.Zhuang saw the immediate need for a customer driven independent supplier and through the vision, he created a distributor who could focus on the needs of customers while placing quality and customer satisfaction first. After a few years of distributing a small niche of components, Mr.Zhuang expanded Dedicate's product line and began stocking, sourcing and distributing hundreds of components to customers worldwide.
Our people
Mr. Leo Zhuang | Founder & CEO
In 2000, Mr.Zhuang, put his mark on the independent distributor industry through the founding of Dedicate Electronics HK Limited. Currently serving as the CEO, Mr.Zhuang is not only responsible for the overall company success, he also takes a hands on approach to directly manage the procurement side of the business.

Mr.Kent Chen | Sales Manager
As the Sales manager in Dedicate, although Kent is young, he is experienced and professional both in sales and electronic components。He leads the sales team to devote not only to sell goods but also sell services, he thinks that good services is a very important factor to a qualified sales.

Jason Yang | Purchase Manager
In his remarkable long years career at Dedicate, Jason has grown with the company and has been present for the many business achievements. Through his journey, loyalty and commitment as Purchase Manager, Jason has developed expertise in relationship building with in market independent , regional and national distributors. He performs strategic procurement activities across multiple categories, search for better deals and find more profitable suppliers for our customers

Mengyao Chen | QC Manager
Mengyao is experienced in implementing and developing inspection team to address and improve the quality issues. He knows that the best produced work comes from a collective passion, creative and effective communication. He in charge of coordinating quality control departments and making sure product defects are detected before delivery.
Our Missions
• To always serve our customers first by listening to their needs and only promising what we can deliver. We say what we do and we do what we say.

• Quality is important and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every time by continually improving our level of expertise.

• To always provide the parts our customers need in a timely manner, for the best price possible.